DGKL5: Fifth International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association, Freiburg, October 10-12, 2012

About us


The purpose of DGKL/GCLA (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kognitive Linguistik/German Cognitive Linguistics Association) is to promote Cognitive Linguistics at the national and international levels. The association supports research and education in Cognitive Linguistics and the application of its results, in particular:

Cognitive linguistics

Cognitive Linguistics rejects a modular view of language, i.e. the hypothesis that language, especially syntax, forms an autonomous system acquired through a specialized innate module of the human mind and functioning according to its own rules and principles. In contrast, Cognitive Linguistics proposes that language is grounded in, and thus at least partially motivated by, non-linguistic cognitive and perceptual systems. The theoretical and methodological tenets of Cognitive Linguistics include:


Membership in the association is open to everyone who is committed to its aims as well as to its basic theoretical and methodological tenets. GCLA/DGKL is affiliated with the International Cognitive Linguistics Association (ICLA).